ISO 22196:2011 塑料与其他无孔表面的抗菌性测定

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英文标准名称:measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces

发布日期:  2011-08-01   
实施日期:  2011-08-01

代替标准号:ISO 22196-2007 塑料.塑料表面抗菌活性的测量

适用范围:  WARNING — Handling and manipulation of microorganisms which are potentially hazardous requires a high degree of technical competence and may be subject to current national legislation and regulations. Only personnel trained in microbiological techniques should carry out such tests. Appropriate practices for disinfection, sterilization and personal hygiene must be strictly observed.
This International Standard specifies a method of evaluating the antibacterial activity of antibacterial-treated plastics, and other non-porous, surfaces of products (including intermediate products).
It is not intended to be used to evaluate the effects and propagation of bacteria on non-porous surfaces without antibacterial treatments. ISO 846[1] describes tests to evaluate the effects and propagation of bacteria on non-porous surfaces, which are different from those covered by this International Standard (see e.g. ISO 846:1997, method C).
Secondary effects of antibacterial treatments, such as the prevention of biodeterioration and odour, are not covered by this International Standard, which is not intended to be used or referenced as a method to document or claim biodegradability of, for instance, plastics materials. In the case of plastics, biodegradation is covered in ISO 14851[2], ISO 14852[3] and ISO 14855[4] and related standards.
Building materials are excluded, except where they are used in the same manner as treated articles.
Antibacterial-treated textile products are excluded, even if the surfaces are coated or laminated (such products are covered by ISO 20743[5]).
Photocatalytic materials and products are excluded (such materials and products are covered by ISO 27447[6]).
The results obtained should include a reference to this International Standard and the conditions used. Results obtained with this International Standard indicate antibacterial activity under the specified experimental conditions used, and do not reflect activity under other circumstances where a variety of factors, such as temperature, humidity, different bacterial species, nutrient conditions, etc., have to be considered. A minimum diffusion of the antibacterial agents/chemicals into the test inoculum is necessary with this procedure.
It is recommended that workers consult ISO 7218.

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