ISO 20743:2013 纺织品 纺织产品的抗菌活性测定

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中文标准名称:ISO 20743:2013 纺织品--纺织产品的抗菌活性测定
英文标准名称:ISO 20743:2013 Textiles-Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products


代替了下列标准:ISO 20743-2007  纺织品--抗菌制成品的抗菌活性测定

This International Standard specifies quantitative test methods to determine the antibacterial activity of all antibacterial textile products including nonwovens.
This International Standard is applicable to all textile products, including cloth, wadding, thread and material for clothing, bedclothes, home furnishings and miscellaneous goods, regardless of the type of antibacterial agent used (organic, inorganic, natural or man-made) or the method of application (builtin,
after-treatment or grafting).
Based on the intended application and on the environment in which the textile product is to be used and also on the surface properties of the textile properties, the user can select the most suitable of the following three inoculation methods on determination of antibacterial activity:
a) absorption method (an evaluation method in which the test bacterial suspension is inoculated directly onto specimens);
b) transfer method (an evaluation method in which test bacteria are placed on an agar plate and transferred onto specimens);
c) printing method (an evaluation method in which test bacteria are placed on a filter and printed onto specimens).
The colony plate count method and the ATP (ATP = Adenosine Tri-phosphate) luminescence method are also specified for measuring the enumeration of bacteria. 

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