ISO 846:1997 塑料 微生物作用的评价

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ISO 846:1997 塑料 微生物作用的评价
Plastics - Evaluation of the action of microorganisms

Defines methods for the determination of the deterioration of plastics caused by the action of fungi and bacteria and soil microorganisms. Not intended to determine the biodegradability of plastics. Determines deterioration by visual examination and/or changes in mass and/or changes in other physical properties. Applies to all plastic non-porous articles having an easy-to- clean surface.

1   Scope
2   Normative references
3   Definitions
4   Principle
5   Apparatus and materials
6   Test specimens
7   Preparation of specimens
8   Procedures
9   Assessment
10  Expression of results
11  Accuracy of the measurements
12  Test report
13  Bibliography
A   Determination of the water content and water-holding
    capacity of a soil
B   Precision
C   Information on test fungi

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